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Simulacra is a new play by Ross Peter Nelson. It is an exploration of the power of technology set in the near future, where an enormous solar flare has destroyed nearly all electronics.



Directed by Mary Linn Crouse


ADOLFO - Guil Poelsma

LOUISE - Kelly Clavin

CHARLES - Ryne Sorensen

ANGELA - Whitney Dorr

Last Chance New Play Fest

November 2-11, 2018

650 Logan St. (Free Ceramics)

Helena MT 59601

The Story

A Carrington Event has destroyed nearly all modern technology. and civil life has descended into chaos, with warring factions struggling for control of a battered planet. Adolfo discovers a holographic snapshot of a previous era featuring the lovely Louise and her companion Charles, he becomes obsessed. Meanwhile, Angela, a young woman whose cult abjures a return to a technological age, tries to warn him away from the bombed-out building he's been living in.


Simulacra is being produced as part of the Last Chance New Play Fest. Click the icon to see the production schedule.


This production of Simulacra was financed in part by a grant from the Myrna Loy Centers's Grants for Artists program.

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