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Real|Unreal features four one-act plays by three New Orleans plawrights dealing with what we know and how we know it.


Breanna Bietz


Kate Kuen


Rick Maggiore


Jarred Marlatt


Michael Martin


Jessie Strauss

Nick Thompson


Andrew Vaught


January 22-25 @ 7:30pm

Playhouse NOLA

3214 Burgundy St.

The Plays

DJ Roomba & Songbird Siri Ride The Waves of Chance by Breanna Bietz

After watching TV's The Voice, a Roomba vacuum is inspired to pursue his hidden aspirations. With the help of iPhone's Siri he discovers his true functionality, intervenes on a human in need, and makes beautiful music. What's the value of existence if your programming doesn't include risk-taking operations? 


In the End by Ross Peter Nelson

Against a surreal landscape, a carnivorous chair awaits new prey. When a stranger arrives, the chair's self-appointed attendant warns the newcomer away, but the two become entangled in a battle for dominance. The question of who is predator and who is prey unfolds as the stranger and attendant face off in this dark comedy about sex, death, and the mating habits of bees.


MORE by Brian Sands

After one questionable incident involving their daughter Morgan, upwardly-mobile Kevin and Jennifer must now decide what to do when Kevin’s boss Frank invites their younger daughter Amanda to the circus. A nasty little tale that reveals what doesn't always make it into corporate reports.


Sketched by Breanna Bietz

Our childhood mysticism doesn't go away, we learn to suppress it. When TV personality Tina Fey crosses the screen and infiltrates the real world, possibilities become abundant for one special fan. But what about the pessimists? Mess with their heads! It's better to believe a fantasy then to live in a no-sayer's reality.

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