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Becoming Number Six is Ross Peter Nelson's dark comedy about internet surveillance and the Panopticon society we currently live in. Shadowy government agencies, hacker communities, corporations, and even your best friend's teenager have access to information about you.



Directed by Kelly Clavin


ZOE - Tara Atkins

NUMBER FOUR - Donna Davis

BABBAGE - Ryan Eggensperger

JULIA - Esther Eller

LOVELACE - April Kortz

STEPHANIE  - Deb Schaaf

Stage Manager - Julie Burrows

Last Chance New Play Fest

November 8-17, 2019

650 Logan St. (Free Ceramics)

Helena MT 59601


11/9 @ 2pm, 11/13 @ 7pm,

11/15 @ 7pm, 11/16 @ 9pm,

11/17 @ 2pm

The Story

Stephanie Dylar is disturbed when two shadowy figures claiming to be intelligence agents appear on her doorstep. The agents, Lovelace and Babbage, represent a government branch known as The Division, and inform her that her daughter Zoe may be involved in illegal computer activity. When Zoe subsequently goes missing, Stephanie turns to her friend Julia for help, and is confronted with the realities of constant surveillance when Julia brings the hacking group Incognito into the mix.


Simulacra is being produced as part of the Last Chance New Play Fest. Click the icon to see the production schedule.

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