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Colter's Hell is a new play by Ross Peter Nelson. It explores the ecological impact of the first white settlers on the western US through the eyes of the animals.



Directed by Mary Linn Crouse


JOHN COLTER - Barry Stambaugh

COYOTE - Haley Nelson

RAVEN - Mary Riitano

CHIPMUNK - Erin Cleveland

TROUT - Gabi Eodice

BEAVER - Tom Gocksch

ELK - Ross Nelson

JOHN LOCKE - Tom Gocksch

CANDIAN - Tom Gocksch

GEYSER - Mary Riitano

MUDPOT - Gabi Eodice

RAINBOW POOL - Erin Cleveland

WISHPOOSH - Tom Gocksch


Stage manager / tech - Kendall Skoog

April 15-24, 2016
100 Fuller Ave.

Helena MT 59601

The Story

The animals of the Rocky Mountains discover a new kind of pale human is living among them. Unlike the humans they've been used to for centuries, this mountain man called John Colter traps for money rather than food. They conspire to capture him, but when he survives not only the water spirits of the Yellowstone region, but a hunting party of Piikani (Blackfoot) natives, the supernatural intervenes. Wishpoosh, an 8-foot albino beaver, confronts both Colter and the animals with visions of the future ecology of the land. This eco-fantasy draws parallels between the radical environmental change triggered during the early 19th century and the challenges of today. 

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